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How to use Notion - add to calendar ?

Notion - add to calendar is a browser extension that allows adding a Notion event to your personal calendar in one click. You can find the extension here:

How to use it ?

Method 1 : button under the tilte

The easiest way is when the button appears on its own between the title and the properties. This applies to this:

Screenshot of an event with the "Add to calendar" button

Method 2 : Click on the extension

With the proven Notion update, the Method 1 button tended to stop working. Method 2 solves this problem.

Just click on the extension icon at the top right of the browser.

Then a popup appears with the event information.

Screenshot of popup with event information

All you have to do is click on "Add to calendar"!

Functional problem ?

If you have any problem or ideas for improvements, do not hesitate to contact me by email at [email protected].

Publish 2022-07-13

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