My wallet account

My Wallet Account is a crypto project. In this web application, you can add all your wallet addresses and track their evolution over time.


I started this project with a small, simple task, a feature that did not exist for the MultiversX blockchain (Named Elrond at the time). On the explorer, when displaying wallet information, you could only see the dollar equivalent of your EGLD and not other tokens. So I created the first version of My wallet account, which is still accessible at this address:

First Version

This first version allows you to visualize the dollar value of the tokens you own. However, it also displays the evolution of the portfolio value over the past 7 days. I personally used this version for a while until I found its limitations:

  • No information on staking
  • No information on NFTs
  • No overall view if you have multiple wallets
  • Solely designed for MultiversX

Current Version

I embarked on developing this project to tackle its limitations. My goal is to create a genuinely valuable tool accessible to all, not merely something utilized sporadically.

I started from scratch to establish a solid foundation. I used React for real-time updates and easy integration with different blockchain ecosystems. I designed it with mobile use in mind. I set clear goals and have a lot of motivation.

The plan now helps MultiversX, Ethereum, Solana, and Starknet blockchains. It links with Binance, so people can watch their account without Binance app. People save their wallets to open them in My Wallet Account. They see NFT floor prices, track token performances, and more.

The application is continuously evolving, and I invite you to join the Discord community to share your feedback and ideas on My Wallet Account: